The passing of time; the passing of loved ones; dreams; light quality; echoes; the elements; the language of blues and jazz. These are just a few of the ethereal themes captured in the new album "Gone But Not," a stunning solo piano album featuring Chicago-based composer Ira Antelis’ original compositions performed by renowned New York jazz pianist Lee Musiker.

"Gone But Not" is the culmination of a 40-year friendship between Antelis and Musiker. The two first met when they were students at Harpur College in Binghamton, New York. Over time, their careers diverged—Antelis became a successful composer and producer for commercials, movies, and theatre, penning a multi-million selling hit for Marc Anthony and working with such high-profile clients as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Walt Disney, BB King, Etta James, Patti LaBelle, and Gloria Estefan. Musiker found his way as a jazz, classical, and Broadway musician, conductor, and orchestrator, sharing the stage with Tony Bennett for nearly 12 years.

When they finally convened during the winter of 2015 in snowy Chicago, something extraordinary happened. "Gone But Not" was created, crystallizing a low-key, enduring legacy of mutual respect and admiration between the two.

In "Gone But Not," Antelis took the time to write scenic pieces with a balanced poetic equilibrium, specifically with his friend's pellucid touch at the piano in mind. For his own part, Musiker develops the material spontaneously, with brilliance and precision. This is not didactic, demagogic music, and it shows little interest in hitting the listener over the head with distracting pyrotechnics. "Gone But Not" simply shines—with a rare, knowing-and-inquiring beauty.

Gone But Not // Duality and Music That Bridges Generations

They say there’s two sides to every story, and the same thinking can apply to music, as evident in the recent brainchild of three industry veterans, Gone But Not // Duality. Two distinct adaptations of one original idea, Gone But Not // Duality is a musical exercise in empathy that teaches audiences to consider, enjoy, and respect different perspectives. According to the project’s site, this is about finding the harmony in duality a goal that will resonate in the hearts....

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A homecoming song

It has been said that the bonds formed in college can last a lifetime. Many pairs of friends make memories long after their undergraduate days are done. Others make an album. In March 2015, Ira Antelis and Lee Musiker returned to campus to release Gone But Not, a CD of piano compositions composed by Antelis and performed by Musiker. But four decades earlier, the duo was just meeting as Harpur College undergraduates with musical aspirations....

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