Ira Antelis has also spent his musical life creating advertisements for companies across the globe such as McDonald's, KRAFT, and Gatorade.

Below are many of the jingles he composed and produced.

GATORADE - "BE LIKE MIKE" Ft. Michael Jordan


THE BULLS - "ONLY THE BULLS," Fall Out Boy (Feat. Lupe Fiasco)


ALLSTATE - Jason Wade  (Lifehouse)


PRIUS - "Those Who Get It, Get It" feat. Raphael Saadiq


KRAFT - Macaroni & Cheese Jingle


ALLSTATE feat. Julian Lennon - "When I'm 64"


McDonald's - "What You Want is What You Get"


DISNEY - 25th Anniversary Commercial "Remember The Magic," feat. Shawn Colvin


McDonald's - "Put A Smile On"

composed with Cheryl Berman, and Nancy Slattery

Hasbro - Monopoly Commercial, "Own it All"

Other advertisements for corporations like Disney, Hallmark, Kraft, some featuring grammy-award winning artists:

Disney - Millenium Theme Song

Hallmark - "I Remember"

Kraft - "Everybody's Got A Taste"